Barry M Nail Polishes Review

Hey everyone! Time for a quick post on some Barry M nail polishes I recently bought. If you watch my youtube videos (please do, I very often make a fool of myself), you will know that I purchased four new Barry M nail polishes from Boots, as they are on a 2 for £5 deal. I have been a fan of Barry M nail products since I was alot younger because the colours are often really vibrant and highly pigmented. I also love the fact that they are really good value (£2.99 each), and you get a good sized bottle and brush. 
Okay, so here I am reviewing five different colours. The mint was given to me by Alex's mum, so that doesn't count as one I have bought! In the order of this photo the polishes I am reviewing are...

Mint, Block Orange, Grey, Mushroom, and Cobalt Blue. The Barry M nail colours are also numbered, but I have packed them away in one of my many suitcases (post coming soon) and its too much hassle to drag them all out! Right, so some general comments first- all the colours are super shiny, and come up real well on my nails. I am lucky enough to have naturally long nails (my mum hates them!), instead of gel or acrylics, and so polishes often apply brilliantly to my nails.
I adore the mint colour, but in terms of the rest of the world it is getting mixed reviews. It was one of Tatler magazines "must-have nail colours", and they were in fact giving away an Essie version in last months copy.  For me this colour is perfect for summer. It works excellently with whites and  golds, but also looked awesome with my skinny jeans and flip flops. I would recommend this colour for under 25's though, as it is quite a youthful and fresh colour, and wouldn't really work great in the work place. Applies perfectly in one stroke both on toes and finger nails. Overall: 7/10
Block Orange
I am unsure about this colour- I think it looks really cool and edgy, but it doesn't work with any of my wardrobe! The generic colours in my wardrobe are white, black, grey, blue and beige. The orange clashes hugely with beige and blue, but works against white. If I wear it with black it makes me look like a goth! Also, this took THREE COATS to get a decent coverage! Something I would not expect from a Barry M polish- only really cheap, crap brands. Overall: 3/10
I really like this colour, despite it reminding me of a rainy day! It works excellently with work or formal wear, but I think a more vibrant colour would be better for a youthful or day look. I would definitely recommend this for an 'older' audience than myself, but don't dismiss it when experimenting. Also, the colour is quite dark, so if you want to have an edgy look, but are scared of black nail polish this is defiantly the one for you! Applies brilliant in one coat. Overall: 6/10
This colour is my favourite by far, and I am wearing it right now! Although it is quite dark, the muted brown/grey tones work excellently as an autumn polish. It's not really rich like a winter polish (dark reds/purples), and still has a little brightness of summer. I have no idea why I am connecting nail polishes to weather seasons, but muted colours are massive next fashion season. SO get on it!! Applies in one coat, no flaws or smudges. 9/10
Cobalt Blue
This is an incredibly vibrant, striking and shiny colour! This would be amazing on a night out, as it works with the majority of clothing colours, and stands out beautifully against silver, white and black. This colour is like having an extra accessory! Avoid wearing this colour with any costume rings, or brightly coloured jewelry as it wont look as sleek. I would also recommend two coats to get the really strong coverage, which isn't as good as the other colours I reviewed. Overall: 8/10

So Mushroom is the winner of this review! I really loved all of these colours, and as I said I love Barry M as a make up brand! Their pigment pots (eyeshadow) are amazing too! But a bit too glitterly for me.
Talk again soon! Posts to look forward to: My life in boxes, A busy postman and some more university gifts! I'm sorry if I'm getting on your nerves with the lack of fashion posts, but I am so busy at the moment, its often easier to film videos on fashiony/haul issues, than take photos and write posts. Sorry if that annoying. University wise: we have two and a half weeks 'till we move guys! Yaaayy!! Super duper excited.
**I just want to say how grateful I am to all my followers for sticking with me, and for your support and understand during this uni transition! Love you all!!**
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I love Barry M nail polishes too, and I am lusting after Mushroom, so glad they are so cheap as I have too many :P

I LOVE the mint - great colour! I'll have to get down to Boots for the 2 for £5 offer! xxx

did you know they discontinued cobalt blue DEVS i have three bottles to last me because i adore it although it stains a bit even with a base coat, i heard from your comment on mollyvogue that you were studying at London college of fashion thats like my DREAM your living my dream ha ha, i hope to look out for your name in all the big magazines.

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