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Next seasons trends are varied across different labels, ranging from the 'nun' at Yves Saint Laurent, to 'maximilist' at Chanel and Galiano. However, for me the label to be watching it 3.1 Phillip Lim. He covers such a range of trends, that he show was more about individual outfits, rather than the collection as a whole. He covers the camel look which has been adored by the likes of Chloe, dabbles in the 90's hints (headed up by Pucci) and flashes of bright colour (Miu Miu and Mulberry)- which means the collection appeals to a bigger range of fashionistas- and I just love it! The looks work really well at covering lumpy bits, and emphasizing your best assets (similar to Prada's focus on breasts next season)- not that this is the main aim of the collection. The clothes are about making women feel sexy and pretty but powerful and successful. Here are some of my favourite looks that I will try to copy when Autumn comes around...
Camel and Leather

A trend that I am a fan of is the combination of camel and leather. Using two luxurious fabrics adds a huge amount of glamour and class to any outfit. Notice how the models dress is exceptionally short, but with the addition of black tights, and the double coat she looks very classy and elegant, rather than trashy or overly sexual. I also love the fringed heels which are continued throughout the collection.
Knits, Knits, Knits
I am a huge fan of knits in the A/W season. Obviously they keep you warm and comfortable, but for me they are a really cute and young fabric and style to wear. Even wearing huge Grandmother style cardigans and jumpers in the Phillip Lim way (heels and tights) the models look amazingly youthful and fresh. I just really love this look, and it is super wearable. 
Legs All Round
As I mentioned earlier, the need to get your legs out in winter in the Phillip Lim collection is an essential. It gives each look a more fresh edge. It can sex up a LBD, freshen up a monochrome blazer, and really show off a fantastic feature on most women's bodies. When using this look, I would keep the palette relatively monochrome (as above) as this allows the look to stay focussed on the legs. 
Look of the Collection
For me this look sums up the entire collection- young and fresh contrast with vintage. The camel coat is made more youthful with the shiny black outline, and the grey dress is made more grown up with a higher necklace and silver floral 'print'.  adore the shoes, as the colour is mid-way between the camel and grey, and hence ties the look together. The hair and make up is natural and relaxed which means the outfit less serious and more wearable.

I'm really glad I have got round to doing completely fashion focussed post! I'm looking forward to adapting these looks in the autumn, but I don't want to rush the summer! I had my anchor tattoo done today, and I will post some photos when it has healed completely.
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