Mini Holiday Haul

I am going on holiday in 3 days! Yay! Although it's only to Yorkshire with my family, I still am obsessing over what to take, what I'll wear and all those fashiony bits that are probably more applicable to a sunny holiday in Miami or Spain. Anyway, so we went to Tesco yesterday to get food for the week-as you do- and I picked up a few pieces of clothing for my holiday. I don't usually buy from Tesco, but their basic pieces are just as good as anything you can pick up from Primark. Here's what I bought:

Black Maxi £17
Bikini, top £2.50, bottoms £2
Jersey Tee £7
Strange how this has followed a mainly monochrome palette, very chic. I should be going to the south of France not north England. I really love these pieces as they are interchangeable, and will look chic. I will wear the tee shirt with my studded shorts to make it a bit more edgy and fresh. I will wear the maxi dress really simplistically, with sandals and ethnic jewelry. And the bikini will be coming to the beach/pool with me!
Sorry this post seems a bit rushed. I am working on some complete outfit posts using Polyvore, which can I just say is a brilliant program/application! I am also packing/thinking about what to pack, writing numerous lists for holiday, paying bills and feeding my fish. Gosh my life is so hectic! Oh, and tattoo update- it's still a bit sore and raised when you touch it, but all in all it is so pretty! I will post another photo when it is completely healed.
Fashion Foreword 


thats so cool your going to yorkshire!sounds interesting. nice blog and i love the last top!

Aww thanks! I'm wearing it today with some grey leggings and sandals, and it just gives a more french look to the outfit.

I'm liking the bikini a lot - and the price makes me like it even more.



I adore the tee ... I think it'd look great as a bikini coverup that can be worn to lunch after the beach.

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