it's summer!

yaayy! what with the lack of airplanes, and the fantastic weather, it's time to crack the shorts out, pull on your white tees, and massive sunglasses.. please excuse the grumpy expression.

Over-sized tee by French Zara
Mini Shorts from Primark
Pearl, glass and white-gold locket necklace by Topshop
Ballet Shoes from New Look

Don't you just love the summer!! Missing Paris, and sadly, greatly missing the romance of the place. Wrote up my photography page on the trip today, it doesn't look very great, but wait until the photos are on there.. fabularse!

Last night was the party of the year. It was Lauren's 18th Birthday party, and it was a Disney fancy dress. No dress up- no entry!! I had planned to go as Cruella Devil... you know, hints of fashion blahhh. But I hate the idea of wearing fur, and i'd die in the heat anyway! So I went back to basics and went as Tinkerbell.

Megan as Snow White, Amy as "Hercules' mum", Emma as Pocahontas, and me as Tinkerbell. I LOVED my fake eyelashes.. they had both glitter lashes and black ones. So cute and so cool for dressing up. It doesn't matter how old you are, every girl loves the chance to dress up!! 

I'm off to enjoy sitting in my newly dressed garden (thanks mummy), soaking up the rays and enjoying strawberries and sugar. Oh we are so British.

p.s i promise to write more fashiony bits soon! i'm too busy!a


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