Mon Francais c'est terrible.

Bonjour! Je suis à la maison de Paris.... basically, I am home sadly and the trip went far far too quickly. Lots of sight seeing, shopping and so so so much walking.

Day 1
3am start. Not cool.
We decided to walk, yes W A L K, from Gare Du Nord to the Du Cadran Hotel. This was supposed one hour and seven minutes, and eventually took 3 and a half hours. Despite starting in the evidently ghetto area after taking a wrong turn out of the station, we came across the Concorde in the centre of Paris. (Above). 

We passed stores including Longchamp, Hermes, Kenzo, and Massimo Dutti. Very nice to pass hundreds of designer shops, and to be surrounded by beautiful architecture.

Day 2
I got a surprise today!! We got up at 8am and went to breakfast-which was so beautiful! Then we walked-again- to the Catacombs. It was an exciting experience, but quite scary at the same time. We walked for an hour and a half, then queued for an hour. Annoying.. anyway. We tried to take photos but we weren't allowed to use flash. Despite that, the pictures are quite affective. 

During the long walk back I got to crack out mon francais, and order le croissant et un petit brioche. I think thats right... I struggle a little bit with getting the masculine and feminine correct. Anywho, after the long walk we arrived back at the hotel, jumped into the shower and got dolled up for a nice night out. I had every intention of having linguine fruit de mer (which is basically spaghetti with a blechamel sauce and sea food. Yum yum!! However, someone had other ideas. After my birthday I was told I still had another present coming. 

We arrived at the Tour Eiffel to enjoy some sight seeing before dinner. Standing underneath one of the eight wonders of the world is a surreal experience. Sadly, we didn't take a camera as the risk of it being stolen is really high. But here are some google shots!..

This is almost exactly how it looked. Both by day and night. Alex's final gift? He took me for dinner at the 58th Floor Tour Eiffel restaurant!! 1 michelin star, and such amazing food... so grateful and so happy. We spent the night there, untill 10.30pm and embraced in the romance of it.

Day 3
Shopping time!! Mwaahh! Being surrounded by the likes of Chanel, Dior, Kenzo ect is a lovely feeling. Sadly, I decided against being designer goodies- except I bought a Longchamp wallet.

I bought a pair of Peg leg trousers, and a over sized white tee from French Zara. Zara in Paris appears to be one season ahead of UK Zara, and they seem more comfortable exploring new styles and trends. But I have a new need- dimmed floral hareem trousers...
I also got this awesome nautical dress.. I know its naughty still being thousands of stripey things, but the nautical details are soooo coool! And its French, so its OK.
We also went to the Louvre. Sadly there wasn't enough time to go round, but we still got some lovely photos

On my return, I went shopping with mummy. New necklaces...

So cute! I'm gonna put a photo of me and alex in the locket.. a constant reminder of Paris and us. :) Aww how romantic..



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