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my tunes for today:

The pink borders are a bit gay, but I am a girl. Last time I checked girl's liked pink. Oh no oh no.. gender stereotypes!

Oh song time. Mad reminders of Saturday night too.. wow. My dubstep love comes in a little 
bit at the end of the second song. Music geniuses everywhere are burning my ass right now 
for my crap knowledge of different music genres. Hey! Fashion is my forte, not music, I'm just guessing this stuff! It's good to have a good song to brighten the day as you hectically tidy 
your pit of a bedroom. At least mummy will be happy now. I have dragged the suitcase out 
too. It was full of my weights from the obsessive-exercising days. After swiftly hiding them 
back in the built in wardrobe I began packing. I seriously need to go now. At this rate of 
excitement I will be packing for LCF in June. Anyway.. just to prove my hard work wasn't for just my mother and her watchful eyes..
Marvel and be proud.
So what with Paris coming up quicker than I could have anticipated, I am freaking out about
actually buying the clothes I want. Parisians are well known for their uncanny ability to look
forever elegant, stylish and bang on trend. As a visitor who has been to this city many times
the one thing I desperately want to avoid is looking like a bloody tourist. Camera in hand. You know I'm right. And so the list continues.

Tweed jacket
Chanel S/S 2010.
Oh come on. I'm going to Paris, not dabbling in a bit of Chanel would be criminal. Anyway,
Lagerfeld has always had a way with tweeding, and tweed style jackets. Although the fabric
may itch like hell, one would look super chic, elegant and stylish. Remind you of anything/

Jessica Stroup.
Embelished Waistcoat

Matthew Williamson

Bead and feather-embellished waistcoat

This wish takes inspiration from "Silver" AKA 90210 actress Jessica Stroup/

It's family Easter time. Toodles. E XOXO


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