Saville Rowing

Rowing- in terms of arguing. Not the boat race, shame though. I'd love to see the amazing tailors of Saville Row sweating it out on the river. 
Right, so today's massive headline in the Sunday Telegraph (fashion wise) was that a previous employee of Ede and Ravenscroft has stolen the measurements for the Royal Family, and has been using them secretly to create garments for them. I understand that stealing personal information by any stretch of the imagination is not right, but is it really a national scandal that one gentlemen knows the width of Her Majesty's waist? I think not... off the the tower with me! This is the naughty man:

So, today the weather took a bit of a dull turn- clouds reappeared and the wind picked up, which sucks because I've just indulged in lots of summer clothing! Today's look

 HORRIFIC photo quality. It's on a Nikon D60, however, i forgot to take the focus off manual, and so the quality sucks a bit, :(

Top from COS
Waistcoat from Topshop
Jeggings from Topshop
Quilted bag from New Look
Quilted Shoes from Primark.
- close up on the waistcoat, it's soo pretty and from the current Topshop sale 
This is the back

Photography wise; I tackled the area of anorexia today. I used self portraiture as I felt easier connecting with moving my own body into bony structures than using a model. And with self portraiture I feel more scope for experimentation. Here is my current best images;

 This gas had a slight colour saturation using photoshop, but there have been no drastic light or structural changes so I am generally happy with it.



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