Winter Warmers!

What with Winter over taking the entire country, my winter warmers have really been adored! As I am not allowed candles at uni (in fact they were confiscated!), I have gone a bit mad with candle buying since coming home. 

 This candle was £1 from Poundland, oh yes, you heard right! The smell isn't convincingly "Winter Cranberry", but it does gently scent the room. The fruitiness of the cranberry is the strongest element, with hints of cinnamon and orange zest just seeping through. A lovely room scenter
 This is actually my Mum's candle, and we burn it in the living room. It has a very fresh smell, and reminds me of being outside during the cold winter. Despite this winter chill, there is a zesty freshness and zingy undertone to the smell. It is also very calming. This candle was £4.97 from HomeStore and More.
 These mini candles are for double use, as I bought two tealight holders. I adore vanilla smells, as they remind me cake and all sweet things- which is my biggest love! I would use these around the bath, as they would also match my new bubble bath from Lush! These are actually a gift for my best friend back in Oxford!!
And of course, how could I forget the Christmas Candles from Yankee. My favourite is the right side one called "Christmas Treats". This smells of baking, chocolate and vanilla but with a fruity undertone. This is my ultimate Chrimbo candle! The other one "Christmas Magic", is more of a traditional Christmas candle, with scents of orange, cinnamon and all spice. I do like the smell, but it is very strong! 
I hope you guys are having a very happy holidays, and are keeping warm no matter what your weather is!


Scented candles are amazing, especially cinnamon ones!

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