Term 1: Student Life Round-Up

Hi guys. I know I promised to write TONNES about student life and I kind of..didn't. Being a student has taught me s much already: both academically and life skills. Some of it totally sucks, some of literally suicidal, but others is the time of life, and some is just honestly the best thing ever. I know this intro is a little vague but I don't want to give it all away at the start! So here it is, the good, the bad and the frankly too ugly for words.

Okay let's start with some positivity;

  • you can reinvent yourself- if you were a total looser in school/collage, uni is a chance to totally change that
  • you make the most amazing friends- both on your course, in your house and in general acquaintance
  • learn about what your passionate about (in my case fashion and journalism)
  • you meet amazing in-industry people- and work with them
  • you meet incredibly passionate, different and interesting people
  • learn to cook
  • eventually learn to budget
  • learn about who you are, what makes you happy when your alone (films, books, cooking, make up....) who you really miss from home
  • you gain independence on a completely different level
  • you can drink till you literally fall on your ass- and no-one can tell you off or judge you
  • your relationship with your bf/gf grows stronger than ever (this isn't guaranteed)
  • amazing parties
  • freeeeedom!!!!!
  • learn about different cultures
  • drenched in fashion- going to LFW, attending London College of Fashion!
  • living in an amazing city and getting to know all different areas of it!
  • traveling- I get to visit Newcastle every few weeks and I really love it there too. There is a genuine sense of grown-up-ness that comes with traveling between cities. 
  • rolling in at 4am and it being totally normal!
  • you miss your family, friends and boyfriend- but you do learn to cope
  • you can miss not having to look after yourself
  • when you get ill the first thing you want is your mum/dad
  • spending all your money at the start of term and being so desperately broke that you begin relying on your rents again
  • being lonely- in your room, at 9pm, when you've had a shit day
  • not getting on with housemates/coursemates
  • loud neighbours
  • VERY loud neighbours
  • people stealing your food/cutlery
  • serious amounts of coursework/assignments
  • teeline exams- THESE REALLY SUCK
  • being woken up by people coming home at 3am
The Horrific
  • people who refuse to wash up/clean/hoover/take the rubbish out- generally people who enjoy living in a pig sty and being surrounded by disgusting smells and food
  • still being awake at 5am the day before your major hand in because upstairs is soo effing loud- and having to sleep in the kitchen because it's quiet there
  • seriously running out of money
  • PUTTING ON WEIGHT- when you thought you'd never have time to eat from being so busy! IT'S A LIE- YOU ALWAYS CRAVE SHIT FOOD
  • Going home broke, hungry and miserable- having to admit you fucked up
  • oh... and being TOO DRUNK that you have no idea where you are IN LONDON  this is seriously dangerous- oh and being so 'sick' from drinking that your sick in bed. This is actually lethal, you can die.
Despite ALL the bad stuff, being a student is pretty awesome. I have never been happier; I am studying something that I am passionate about, I am lviing independently, I have amazing friends, and my relationship with my boyfriend is stronger than ever. So except being a wee bit fatter than when I arrived, all is swell :)

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