Snow with Bessie

A very strange name for a post, from me at least.."bessie"? For real? 

Anyway! Now I am back in Oxford I met up with my best friend from school, and we went to 'fuck up some fields', in the countryside where we live. We also did the traditional trip to Tesco (bought naughty choccies), then went to her boyfriends place to Facebook stalk and generally have a laugh. We are meeting again tomorrow so there may be more photos to come...

 Possibly the most lovely doggies ever! The bark like hell, but they are super cute. The one on the right is the mother of the more fluffy one. Aww :)
Sorry the snaps are slightly small! I took them all on my Blackberry (which I nearly lost in the snow!!), but I will try to remember to take my proper camera out tomorrow. 


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