Discovery: Blog Love!

I have recently come across a new blog which I am thoroughly enjoying reading. I often struggle to find appropriate outfits for going to school as I have to factor in so much: traveling (on foot and on the train), changes in temperature (street to train), how long I'm at school, what I'm doing after school..blah blah. If you watched one of my previous videos, I think it was may Christmas Eve outfit, I was complaining about not wearing heels. This is again because of my feet hurting on the train ect,...but a new edition to the collection might help that.
ANYWAY, I am totally off point. I stumbled across the Style Observer whilst researching for my Fashion Studies project.
The editor Jean really advises you on how to dress for literally any occasion. Here are some of my favourites!

 Gold Rush
Travel Chic
You guys should really check this out. There is so much more I have to explore on this blog, and I may be stealing some of her tips!


the gold rush dress is gorgeous :)

i love it! this blog is amazing. x

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