Gift Guide For Men

Sorry! I had no idea it had cut me off!! OKay, so I also bought him 2 pairs of extra fluffy socks as it is so cold here in Newcastle. They were from Primark too. I also bought him the Men's Due Gift Box from the Body Shop (£5). This comes with Maca Root Face Wash and Maca Root Face Scrub. I then got him an assortment of chocolates from Thorntons that were on a 5 for £3 offer!
Ugg Boots, £7, Primark
2x Fluffy Socks,£2, Primark
5 chocolates for £3, Thorntons
Men's Gift Duo, £5, The Body Shop

What are you buying for your loved ones this year? Shall I do a women's video? I haven't actually bought for any women yet but I have some ideas already. I am thinking of getting my sister leopard sprint straighteners from Topshop. They are £10, but she broke her GHD's... hmm!


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