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Hello lovelies!
I have a bit of a different post for you today... I am shopping for my new house! So that means IKEA, Zara Home and Habitat are getting a good searching over for everything from lamps, to bed covers, cushions, candles and even more. So I thought I would share my home-wears style with you, and see if you had any preferences. It can be so hard to choose all on your own.

In my old apartment, I did go a bit colour crazy, and despite my best thoughts going into the selection process, I appeared to completely ignore my own sense of style. Nothing matched, and it was in neon fuscias, mauves, cyons and nuclear greens. All a bit too scary for my liking, and not particularly homely.

After my visit to Paris with my partner, I become truely inspired by traditional French classic styling, architecture and the beautiful mix of modern and old. My colour pallete for interiors genreally centres around variations of white; so creams, ivory's and 'off-whites'. I also like contrasting this with deep tones of purple or blue. My room in my mother's house is cream and deep violet (painted myself!), and so I think I will continue this style into my own house in London.

In terms of bedroom accesories and storage, I try to keep as much stuff hidden as possible, apart from products/items I feel fit into the style of the room. For example, I would happily leave my bottle of Chanel Coco Mademoiselle perfume on the vanity table, but I wouldn't leave my MAC Surf Collection bronzer out. For accesories I try to keep to a minimum, so things like one table lamp, a pretty light shade for the ceiling light, mirrors and photographs in frames. Alongside this, I adore cushions and bed throws, just to make the room feel more cosy and homely. After all, this room is my private space, my little sanctuary, so I want it to be soley things that make me happy.

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