Topshop Dress Up Event

Last Thursday, my friend Man Yee and I were invited to the Topshop Dress Up event, at the Oxford Circus branch. We were dazzled by the new Dress Up collection, with its bright colours, intricate lace, chain and stitching detail, piles of sequins and fantastic shapes. There were photographers, hairdressers and make up artists on hand for all invitees, so we both had our hair and make up done in the new season style.

My facial expressions in these photos are very odd! My dress is from Primark, the denim jacket is from New Look, and the shoes are also from New Look. They were amazingly easy to walk in and I wasn't too cold in the dress and mini jacket. I have tried to recreate the plait in my hair, but haven't been able to yet! And the make up is a black smokey eye look, which is relatively easy to redo.


Cool! How come you were invited to this gorgeous event?

X Zoe X

I was invited through the publication I write for. Check it out at www.ana-rchy.co.uk

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