OOTD: Clash Your Prints

Trousers from Primark, Cardigan from Dorothy Perkins, Tee from COS, Shoes, Scarf and Jewelry from Topshop
Morning all! It is 8.08am, and I am already up and about and blogging! So super proud of myself, an excellent start to the Easter month of -hopefully- working a full time job. I heading to the gym right now for a morning class then swimming, Then I am meeting my best friend Kati for coffee (well chaaaiii) then we are going to see her new room at her mum's house. Then I am heading back into town to see my boyfriends mum, and also my new boss! I know this outfit doesn't look very professional for a job meeting, but I have met my new boss several times, and this is more of a casual meeting.
I was inspired by Prada today, focussing on their clashing prints for this season. I have kept the palette even by sticking to blue, white and grey tones, and contrasting it with gold jewelry. This look is topped off with ballet pumps and my Calvin Klein bag to keep the accessories neutral, and therefore not detract from the outfit.
As a final note, do not forget to check me out on Youtube! I was approached by a fellow youtuber Lost in Fashion and was invited to take part in their new fashion contest. Despite the prizes being in $, I am still going to enter. Fashion isn't all about prizes; it's about experimenting and sharing your creativity. With love,


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