Garnier BB Cream

... is sadly not for me. I received this sample in my copy of Glamour magazine this month, and thank the lord for that. I was really considering purchasing the full size product for £11, but I am so glad I didn't.
Let's start with the positives. The application is lovely. I used my fingers, and it was similar to working in a moisturiser. I really felt that this was going to work for me, despite having oily skin. However, as I worked the product in to the skin, I felt it tingling and stinging in my acne prone areas.
Next, the colour is way to orange! I am really shocked at how orange based, and dark the BB cream is, considering that BB products developed in the Far East where the skin is notoriously light. This cream reminded me of Pro Lumier by Chanel in terms of the orange undertone of the colour.
I have compared the colour to my Estee Lauder Double Wear in Creamy Ivory, which is the foundation I use everyday. Although when you initially pump the products on to the hand, as you can see when you blend them in the orange pigment really comes through with the BB cream.
Lastly, as I understand it, this product is comparable to a tinted moisuriser with a little extra coverage. Taking this into account, I must say that the product does cover my uneven skin tone well, but does nothing to cover my spots.
So overall I give this product a 2/5, as although it isn't for me, I can really see some benefits for other women. 


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