I felt very 60's inspired today, hence the Twiggy title. I am also loving collar details. The collar on this dress is quite subtle, and the ribbon adds an element of femininity. You could tie it in a bow, but I want the collar to stand out alone. I chose to keep the sixties look by using a camel cardigan, tights and loafers. I should have worn eyeliner to keep in theme with the sixties, but I stayed true to this weeks challenge. Dress from Primark, Cardigan from H&M, Shoes from New Look. Lipstick, Dior Addict in 322.


Those loafer type shoes are laaavly! Havent been into NewLook for a while so may have to now. Im intrigued to know about this eyeliner challenge too!


I kinda set myself a challenge to not wear eyeliner for a week... we shall see how that ends!
yeah, I think they do some red crushed velvet ones now. so getting on that xx

Ellie! Thank you so much for your comment!! I am not wearing foundation all over my face, I only wear it in two places, I dab some Clinque Super Balanced on a spot scar i have near my eye brow, you can still kind of see it... and then on my T-zone I use YSL Perfect Touch and then the magic powder... MAC Studio Fix all over, just a light dusting to my fave doesn't look shiny. If your skin is spot pone, I highly recommend NOT using any liquid foundation because it clogs up your pores, use a mineral foundation like Bare Escentuals because it contains all the vitamins and goodness your skin needs and it also lets your skin breath, as a result you may even get less spots with that! They have a starter kit for about £45? My best friend uses this and she hasn't looked back since! You've probably heard the next thing like 3298470823times, but lots of fruit and veg will do wonders to your skin! Avoid all fried/oily foods, they will make your skin oily and urgh! I hope this has helped you!!

Im mega jelly you're in london!! I only get to go when I'm visiting my friends :( I love the shoes you picked up here!! I need to get me some of those!


@Jenn Umm

I did reply on your website, but I'm sure I can add something here!

Thank you so much for your comment. Living in London is pretty awesome :D Are you from the UK?


I'm loving collars too, I've recently bought those shoes!

@love fashion

Aw thats great! They are so comfortable

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