Feeling Down?

On Topshop's Facebook page, they recently featured the most wonderful concept. Ever been stuck at home, feeling crap after an argument, hungover, missing your boyfriend? Well let me further introduce you to Bummer Boxes.
These brilliant boxes feature products that will cheer up anyone, and if they don't cheer you up they will make you feel better for a while. They come in three different 'sizes', which are Big Time Bummers, Little Bit Bummed and Mini Bummers, depending on how miserable you are.
My current favourite is the Break Up Basket (for her). No I have not broken up with Alex, but if I ever did this box has all the things I could ever want: a box of cookies freshly baked, a heart cookie, Bummer chocolate bar, wine glass, sleep mask, temporary tattoos (no need to run into any commitments), chopsticks (perfect!) and ciggarettes. Although I don't smoke personally, I think that I would drink and smoke myself into a misery, then eat the cookies and chocolate to make myself feel better. 
The website currently sell the boxes in America, but hopefully after Topshop's mention they will begin selling in the UK. 

Image from Bummer Baskets website


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