Estee Lauder Double Wear

Hey guys: I have finally got around to buying Estee Lauder Double Wear foundation. I have been trailing this foundation for weeks, and decided to put the £26 on the table and get a full size version of it. Unfortunately, as I have been testing it for so long, Estee Lauder have actually changed their colour names, so when I went to purchase the full size  I had to go through another colour match. 

 Originally I was in the shade 11 Very Light, and the new name for that colour is 01 Creamy Ivory. Just so you can relate to that, I am a MAC NC15, or as in Matchmaster I am shade 01. I do not use this foundation on it's own as due to being a camouflage foundation, it is incredibly thick. It is comparable to face paints, and so does cover everything. I do have trouble with pigmentation and acne, so this foundation is brilliant. Look below for how I apply this foundation. 

Mix the EL Double Wear with two pumps of Matchmaster foundation on the back of your hand. Use a foundation brush (mine is by Model's Own), to apply the mix to your face. I start at the edge and work inwards from the jaw line. When the product is fully applied, I use a buffing brush (by Real Techniques), to buff the mix in to the skin to leave a smooth and flawless finish. 

To show you how good this foundation is, here is a sneak peak at my Halloween look that I rocked this year. It was supposed to be a vampire look, but became more flawless 50's face!


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