Pie Time

Ok so it's time for a small admission: I am obsessed with pies. I love pies. I am the pie monster. Wanna know who ate all the pies? Yeah, that was me. So when "Bumpkin" entered my radar on a visit to Westfield Stratford I had to explore it. This 'central' London restaurant follows the concept of a country gastro-pub, hence the country "Bumpkin" name, and therefore features country style cuisine. Amazingly, I had the chicken, ham hock and leek pie, and my aunt had the fish pie.
Now: good point were that the restaurant was incredibly well executed. Gastro-pubs are slowly going out of fashion for their ridiculous price tags, but Bumpkin executes the country pub feel excellently. Dressed up for Christmas in a beautiful way, with plenty of wood and comfy chairs everywhere, I felt like I was back home in my local having a spot of dinner.
Bad point: service when you are there is excellent. But having to sit next to an uncleared table for over 20 minutes really does put you off your food. As a waitress, I know how restaurants work and you should clear a table as quickly as possible. At least three tables were left uncleared, and it just makes other diners feel uncomfortable. Aside from this, the restaurant was pretty faultless.
Recommendation: Please please please try the carrots and parsnips in honey. Simply amazing.


the food actually looks amazing! making me want to snack


It was incredible! Honestly so so good!

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