Night Time Favourites

I was recently given some products from Elizabeth Arden that look after your skin over night. I have been using the Overnight Success Skin Renewal Serum today, as I have severely hung over skin and this product works to renew the skin and make it glow.

 Please excuse the awful photo of my face. So the product is meant to be applied nightly to the neck and face before moisturizer. It 'dries' smooth, and almost like a primer. I have found my skin feels really soft and healthier. I will check back with the results in a few days.

The Good Night's Sleep Creme Nuit Reperativ night cream is brilliantly thick and creamy- and therefore too thick for my oily skin. Secondly, at night I use my acne medication and therefore I cannot use a night cream or moisturiser, so I have been using this sparingly under my eyes to work with my eye gel to rejuvenate my eyes over night. 


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