Vichy Aqualia Thermal

It's time for a product focus post. I want to bring light to a product that has been really helping me out this month. I really enjoy Vichy as a brand, and find the DermaBlend collaboration products really useful on my problematic skin. Another product that I find incredibly helpful on my skin is the Aqualia Thermal Rich moisturiser. It claims to be "fortifying and soothing", with "24 hour hydrating care". The product is enriched with Vichy Thermal Spa Water, and enriched with rare minerals.

I am already a fan of thermal water, as I use the La Roche Posay L'eau de Thermale every morning, so that is a plus for the Aqualia. I can vouch that the product is incredibly hydrating and soothing. As I use Retin-A medication gel for my acne, my skin can become incredibly dry on the chin and sides of the lips. I use the Aqualia Thermal to revitalise those areas, making the application of concealer and foundation much easier. 

I use this product at night, so that it can work while I sleep to enriched the dry areas. I would not recommend this product as an all over moisturiser to anyone with oily or combination skin. The product is just too rich and your skin would become overwhelmed. I can however,  this as an overall face moisturiser to anyone with dry or very dry skin, as the consistency of the product is very thick and hydrating. 


I have problem skin too, so annoying :/
Looks very hydrating, love trying new skin products.

Thanks for your comment.

Looking after problem skin is such a nightmare! I will be sure to load more skin posts


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