It has been ages since a post so I apologize. One has been stressing over upcoming exams ect, and so, to update! Paris is booked and paid for, and now I am obsessively saving for my Chanel 2.55, or Chloe bag, or Mulberry, UNDECIDED! And now the focus is on London Fashion Weekend. The GOLD tickets are about £40, and I am really hoping to attend. However, it is basically a massive shopping event, and Paris is sucking all of my funds away, but the opportunity to see the shows entices me to go for it! EEEKKK!

An update on current trends...
1) OTK/ Thigh boots are still band on trend. Riding boots are also taking centre stage, adding a sporty aspect to any formal outfit.
2) Chunky knits are very big, to use a pun. I am very very happy with this as chunky knits can keep you warm but you can keep the clothes underneath slim and fitted. This creates a slimmer looking figure as the outside layers are massive, giving the impression of a teeney weeney figure underneath. Team chunky knitted jumpers, with black tights, heels or riding boots and BLACK BLACK BLACK underneath.
3)Underwear as outerwear is very sexy, but not as affective with the current weather. Bralets, slimmed corsets and interesting waspies make for intimate creations. Teem underwear with lace, black and chunky knits. Cover it up with exaggerated pieces to create fantastic figures.
4) Female Dandy is hot hot hot. Masculine tailoring has been in for a while now, but this season revive your boyfriend jackets and tailored trousers and whack in a few flowers in your hair, pastel colours and feminine shoes. Relaxed hair and make-up is key to this trend so that the focus remains on your clothes and not extravagant hair or make-up.
5) Ripped, torn and see through, you know you love it! Ripped jeans, stockings and tights, See through tees and lots and lots of lace! Exposure is key this season. Keep stockings and tights black, but play explore your colour pallete with lace.



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