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Hi everyone. So I have been stupidly ill for about 10 days now. I'm blaming a stint in hospital mixed with the changing of seasons, but either way it is common knowledge that illness (like colds) are massively affected by your diet and fitness.

By maintaining a healthy lifestyle, you are much less at risk of catching common illnesses such as colds and flus. As I have been ill, I have decided to kick start a more healthy life style. Recently I have been very lax with my exercise and have been cooking less, yet eating more. Consistently forgetting to eat my 5 a day has also had an impact on my skin condition. Despite remembering to use the acne program I am using, I have seen that through eating unhealthy, fat and carb heavy foods the effect this program has had is being lowered.

I have been making sure to eat my 5-a-day fruit and vegetables in different ways. I have been having a banana at breakfast, spinach and sun dried tomatoes in my lunch with fruit and plenty of vegetables with my dinner. I have especially enjoyed eating strawberries in yoghurt for dessert. I have also been trying to eat my 3-a-day too, which is 3 portions of whole meal every day. My current favourite cereal is cranberry wheats, served with skimmed milk. I am also making sure to drink 2 litres of water a day. I carry round a huge 1.5 bottle of water in my bag (heavy!) and at home I use glasses. 

In addition to this healthier life style, I want to become more aware of my beauty routine, and develop a consistent and effective skin and body care system. Later this week I will be posting a video discussing my current skin routine and products I have been loving. I have focussed on oil free, and oil reducing products that work in tune with my acne program to rebalance my skin. I have also been loving a neck firming cream from AVON which I have already been seeing results for. 

Alongside that, my body skin routine is becoming more consistent. I am using a range of different products for different purposes and encouraging myself to remember to use lotion to re-moisturize after a shower (a guilty habit I have of forgetting!) and exfoliating my feet regularly, as these are very dry. I have also been using bio-oil on my stretch marks to help with fading them. 


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