Spring is Here

So after my insane nearly 4 week hiatus, I am back and ready for Spring! The last month has been insane, and I was working for like 12 hours every day hence my absence. My team and I succesfully presented our work to Proctor & Gamble on the 16th, and since then I have been in Newcastle and back in Oxford to celebrate my birthday.
So celebrations aside, the Spring season is finally upon us and I have created a look today that I feel represents the new found sunshine. I have been collecting a new wardrobe for Grazia, (which starts in 10 days!), and have begun road testing the outfits today. All clothes & shoes are from Primark. I'll be wearing this look to The Hunger Games tonight, and I cannot wait. I read all the books prior to the movies release, and so I am looking forward to seeing how they interprate things.


Nice skirt.


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