What would the world be...

...without amazing friends. I know I have mentioned these two fantastic people before butbi feel a proper introduction is required.
Yesterday was the last day of university, so in official terms I guess have am a first year graduate! And if you've been in my life at all this term you'll know that ths has been a really hard one for me. But, as with all of life's troubles and tribulations, I made it through. But not alone: if it wasn't for two particulary amazing people in my world I don't know how I would have coped with this term. Meet Rebecca Milburn and Christopher Prince, my best buddies and biggest supporters!

AKA: the burner, becky, beck star, burny becky
From: North Yorkshire
Blog: www.24-twelve.blogspot.com

Becky is my favourite little blonde northerner! Before meeting becky, I had never met anyone further north than Stratford. She changed my perception of norerners as gruff, non fashionable WAGS.... And showed me the delights of the kind, gentle nd funny nature of northerners. She is incredibly funny, pretty and makes every day a ball! We sing out the 'change here for...' annuncement at Kings Cross every time we pull in, much to the weird looks of fellow passengers. Her flat is HUGE and when I visit we have movie night, every night. We love Jamies restaurant and got kicked out of th Westfield in first term. We went in protest in Westminster, and went to the pub in the aftermath! We chuckled at how sweeeeeeeet Vlastimir, our cultural studies tutor, was. Becky loves Sprite, and I love her!

AKA: Chris, christoph, prince charming
From: Cheshire - MANCHESTER!!
Blog: www.cosmic-voices.com

Chris has been here before, posing as my illustrator. We tease Chris about being from Manchester, which he is not. Chris is my fellow fashion week pal, and we work together at Ana-rchy. Chris is hilarious, and often sings 'sometimes I feel like I wanna slap you in the face' to e tune of Florence and the Machines 'You've Got The Love'. We have had numerous Waitrose visits, sitting eating cupcakes and stealing wifi. Tesco trips have ended in 'my god I'm such a heffer' which is code for 'i just bought three chocolate bars, a milkshake and many other thing, and eaten 90% of it on the tube home'. Chris loves black and White profile photos ( yes whore, I did notice!), and I love Chris.

So that's it for introducing my buddies, And the end of my first year at LCF. It's been a blast, and I am really looking forward to a great summer! With love,


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