The Damages of Modern Culture

In the 21st Century we live in a world of constant communication. We can't escape it. Whether you facebook, twitter or myspace, MSN, yahoo chat, AIM or use old fashion chat rooms, there is no way you can avoid your life being posted everywhere. My mum typed my name into google and apparently I am a chef who won Pillsbury Bake-Off with Salsa Couscous Chicken, or am I an award winning author of The Ungarnished Truth? There is definitely a food theme going on here!

And to move away from computer technology, what about phones. Back in my parents day having a house landline phone was a rare, and something to be marveled at. But now, if you have the latest iPhone, smartphone, internet built in, camera amazing super phone you are no longer considered part of the modern world. Your living in the 20t century, sort it out!

Of course, all of this nit picking into our lives, both private and public, is beginning to have adverse affects to just "social networking". For example, nurses and doctors at The Greater Western Hospital in Swindon, WILTS, posted images of them playing 'the lying down game' in crash trolleys. This was hardly smiled upon by the hospitals big bosses, and all were suspended. Millions of people's contact details are easily available too. It used to be a total nightmare trying to find someone's number, flicking through the thomson local book, whereas now, many people post it on their facebook or twitter. Criminals on the run have also taunted police officers about their location.

So? Does this really bother people, or is it just that we've become immune to the infiltration of private information being posted for public viewing. Recently, a Lady claimed that conversation had become much too private. That posting and discussing the fact that one if desperate for the loo, or had excellent sex last night is just not acceptable.

Your next status may be more carefully written now. Don't forget, lawyers can use information from social networking sites in many court cases, including divorce.

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