She wore what!!??

Apologies for the long time no post, but one has been seriously busy with exams and cramming my brain with fashiony bits for LCF interview.. one week now! EEEEKK!!

Today, I have a slight fashion opinion update.

Elie Saab's couture collection. Although Saab is a well established, self-made label, is he sharing make-up and hair artists with Dior this season? Dior's RTW collection (A/W 2010) featured glamorous flashes of lace, slips and bedroom wear, hidden under the ever fashionable and classic trench coat. The hair and make-up complemented the collection; rouge lips to enhance the 50's style glamour (think Marilyn meets Audrey) and waved natural brunette hair, cropped at the shoulder. Despite Saab's couture collection having long, organic wavy hair the make up and inspirational glamour shone through, contrasting his romantic and elegant collection. Although this link is disputable, it works so well that I must congratulate the artists who worked on both collections.

That's all for now on fashion, I am back to cramming my head with journalistic knowledge. I am heading into Oxford tommorow to buy my outfit for the LCF interview, and so will post it up when it is purchased. I am thinking ankle heeled boots, in black or acrylic blue, dark skinnie jeans and top had got to be lace, and black blazer- already have thanks to French Connection.

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