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well! Today went splendidly, london college of fashion truely opened its doors and i felt more at home than ever before. The lime grove campus is an old hospitial, pre 1900, probably victorian. The red brick exterior leads way to whitewash walls, decked out with green sheened tiles lining the bottom half of the walls. The stairs feature a pre 1940 style wooden rail, and gently go skywards with three levels of excellence. The features of the buildings interior however are obscurely modern, but instead of seeming out of place, fit in like old patients. The glassrooms are white washed, with dark carpets and exposed roofs, where you can see the foil wrapped air conditioning pipes and multi coloured wires, creating a rainbow in the somewhat clinical looking room.

The assessment itself was relatively simple:a series of questions on current affairs that required prospective students to provide their opinion in a creative and informed way. Question two allowed writers to discuss something more personal; their favourite website (excluding social networking). This gave a glaring nod to the ever expanding world of online journalism. However, waiting for the results was heart wrenchingly horrible. As 70 hopefuls waited in room B204, the pressure in the room mounted. Brenda read the names of those who were succesful, a sigh of relief and an excited smile from each, and at the end of the reading many left in complete tears.

The interview was an interesting affair. I was lucky to have a bubly american who put me through my paces. She asked six questions on general opinions, fashion and journalism, which i happily answered, adding quotes of my experience in this area here and there. I sold myself and i feel very pleased with what i did.

End of the week and i could be heading to london in september!

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