Avon Skin So Soft: Satin Glow Firming Body Moisturiser

Hello everyone!
I am looking forward to my May holiday with my boyfriend and friends from Newcastle so much! I have been preparing for a while, making sure I am in tip-top condition for the beach. I have been exercising and eating healthily to maintain my shape and have started using a new firming body moisturiser with a fab extra.

The Avon Skin So Soft: Satin Glow Firming Body Moisturiser is really a beautiful product. The cream applies easily and isn't too thick or watery. Neither is it wasteful, and sinks into the skin within a few moments, but it easy to spread out. The tanner is really subtle and -so far- I am not orange. Being fair skinned can make using tanners and gradual tan builders really difficult, as the slightest change in your skin tone makes you look like a clementine!

My only complaint would be that the cream stinks really badly! If only for about 30 minutes, I would recommend applying after showering and letting the smell die off over night, as it is really strong. Aside from that I would definitely say give it a go. You can purchase this from any Avon rep or from their website.


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