A New Addition to Stylist

I have been reading Stylist magazine since I moved to London in September. The weekly publication comes out every Thursday morning, and you can pick it up at your tube station. The editor in chief is Susan Riley, and my favourite writer (whom is only a contributing editor) is Lucy Mangam. She is a real inspiration for my writing as she is knowledgeable and hilarious!

This week Stylist magazine has launched their online sister 'magazine'- Emerald Street. This website can be tailored to your specific interests, including fashion, beauty, lifestyle, travel, television ect ect. You can set your location so Emerald Street can update you on events in your area. So as I live in London, Emerald Street sends me weekly email updates, and provides info on daily events in London and the surrounding area.

So sign up, and tailor the magazine to what you want to read! 


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