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So with the holiday coming up, and the summer straight after, I have taken two drastic decisions in terms of my health and fitness. Step 1: I am now a full pescitarian. I haven't eaten meats for nearly two years, but chicken has been a real toughy to give up. However, I have recently been eaten nothing but fish, vegetables and Quorn products. So I have decided for the summer months to commit to not eaten meat at all, just including fish as my method of protein.

Step 2: I have joined the gym! HAHA! I am almost shocked at myself, but yes I have joined the gym with two friends from my halls. I am absolutely loving every moment of it. I did my first spinning class on Friday, and although it was only 45 minutes, I was raining in sweat (yuck!) but feeling well exercised. I am going to my first pilates class tonight, so I will also be reporting back from that. I am in love with the treadmill, and will go on the cross-trainer tonight.

Despite both of these changes, I am not doing this to loose weight. I am at a healthy 8 1/2 stone in weight, so for me these changes are to help tone up my body and increase my stamina. Are you changing anything for the summer? Looking forward to hearing from you..!


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