MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE! I hope you all had a fantastic day full of happiness, peace and love. I'm about to hop into my snuggly bed, courtesy of my lovely mum's gift, and wanted to share my favourite gift of this year. My wonderful boyfriend, Alex, who I mention alot, gave my the Soap & Glory suitcase! It is so brilliant, and stuffed full of awesome beauty goodies.

 The case comes with full size amazing products. I used Clean on Me in my evening shower tonight, and the smell is just gorgeous. Sweet but fruity and leaves the skin feeling fresh and luxuriously soft. It also features Mist Your Madly body spray, Calm One Calm All body bubble bath, Pulp Friction body scrub, Off Your Face cleansing cloths, Face Soap and Clarity face wash, and my absolute favourite Sexy Mother Pucker lip gloss.
The kit also features these three products: Hand Food, Heel Genius and The Righteous Butter. The problem is, that these have ingredients that I am allergic to including macadamia nut, shea butter and almond oil. This obviously means that I can't use these, so I am currently hunting for a plan for them. eBay vs giveaway....


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