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I mean, we've all heard of photoshopping, photo editing and airbrushing, but H&M have taken this a step further. Their upcoming lingerie campaign features completely computer generated 'perfect' female bodies. Which is fair enough... but with a real model's head superimposed on the top of this fake fake fake body. So much for embracing real women's bodies. This move simply shows that H&M embraces nothing more than perfection, which isn't real, true or even possible. 

Spot the difference: the mannequin models in H&M's campaign.
Image from the Guardian Online. Read their article here


I agree however no one complains about mannequins in shops which are the same thing? So in fact, every shop is guilty not just H&M x

I completely agree. Advertising has become about creating dreams for people that are completely unachieveable and unrealistic. Sad really x

Such a shame...I thought we had a break through on the 'plus size' models...but clearly not. I'd of thought H&M would be the last to do this as they're, generally, such a respectable brand.

It is so sad. Apparantly they are defending the move, which sucks

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