Reccomendations of the Weekend

I think this is a segment I would like to start becoming more committed to. Since I haven't been working many weekends for a while, I have been managing to explore more of London and other areas of the UK. And so, I want to post my 'weekend recommendations' or you all to explore. Do reply with your own!
This weekend, I recommend three extremely lovely places. The first, St. Christophers Place just off Oxford Street. "James" French patisserie, which I feel may have changed its name recently, sells amazing desserts, salads and lunches. I went here with my Aunt on Saturday. It can be packed, but is well worth it.

 The second is the beautiful, and completely original Christmas decor at Fortnum & Mason, one of my favourite haunts in the West End. The colours are beautiful, and much more fun than your average Christmas tree. 
And lastly, is Wolf & Badger in Notting Hill. My wonderful friend Natalya works in this concept store, is incredibly knowledgeable about all the excellent brands and designers that the store carries. I have given you a map image form my iPhone, so check it out. Whilst you're there, also check out 202 Restaurant (another friend Lara works here), and Tom's Kitchen for beautiful salads. 


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