Student Life Round Up: Second Year, Term 1

Hello dear readers. Last year I wrote two posts here and here concerning student life in my first year. If you didn't know, I am a student in London studying Fashion Journalism (how appropriate), and I find some younger readers enjoy knowing what university life is really like. I am back with my first second year post, so read on enjoy and it really is a wonder to see how things change


  • Living in your own home is ten thousand times better than living in halls. I really love my house, and I work hard to keep it in a good condition. 
  • Having a bedroom bigger than a cardboard is also a plus. I am lucky enough to have a large bedroom with a double bed, so when my partner visits sleeping arrangements are so much more comfortable.
  • You feel naturally more informed and aware of cultural references when working at university. My course is steeped in cultural references and last years knowledge is incredibly useful when writing
  • In second year you do real work. This sounds odd, but last term I wrote more articles than I did for my entire first year.
  • You are introduced to your first industry project. Be warned, I may disappear next term due to a work overload
  • As with having more work, so does your partner. You talk less, and see each other less. Point blank, it sucks
  • My major bad point this year has been living with a nightmare. I used to live with two friends. I now live with one friend and a major arsehole, who makes it her lifes mission to make my life difficult. In the words of my mother-in-law "you don't really know people until you live with them"
  • With having your own house, you have your own bills. You know have to pay for heating, cooking, electricity and water. This can be OK but I am dreading our winter bills.
  • Although I live closer to my university now, I live further away from my university friends which means seeing them is becoming less frequent
I hope you enjoyed this life round up. I am incredibly excited for the next term as we are working with a major beauty company and I go on my one month internship. Till next term.. x


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