1 Piece 5 Ways: Grey Long Sleeved Tee

One grey tee, 5 ways. As I go to uni four days a week, and spend my Friday studying at either Holborn or JPS, I have 5 days where I have to look presentable. At the weekend I am so lazy, and sit around the house in pajamas or trackies and hoodie! So this is 5 looks I would enjoy wearing in public- except the second one, that's my at home doing nothing look! I meant to photograph another look (for public viewing!) with tights and a bandage skirt, oversized cardigan and knee high boots, but I didn't have time before class. 
Look 1: Printed Trousers, grey tee, ballet pumps, long knit scarf and formal blazer
Look 2: Trackies, grey tee, glittery patterned scarf, Uggs
Look 3: Jeans, knee high boots, grey tee, matte printed scarf, oversized brown cardigan
Look 4: Chinos, grey tee, brogues and glittery printed scarf
Look 5: jeggings, tall Uggs, grey tee, black woolen snood, oversized boyfriend grey cardigan
I love the fact the one basic piece can be dressed up so differently. I want to try and make this a series and do different pieces a number of ways. Any recommendations/ requests? Loves,


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