Student Life Round Up: Term 2

Hi everyone! I did a post way back in December, which was a summary of how life as a student had been during my first term. I got some lovely emails and comments saying how the frank honesty of the post really helped put university and student life into perspective. In honour of this, I have decided to write a post summarizing my second term of student life.
I have learnt alot this term, again both academically and in the life skills department! I will try and keep this concise but I can see it being a huge list!

  • You continue to meet interesting and exciting people, including guest lecturers, external exhibitions and shows, and talking to course mates (and people on other courses) who you haven't met before
  • A/W Fashion Week! I was lucky enough to attend, and there is so much I have learnt from the experience, from PR dealings, to writing up a show, behavior and greeting people ect...
  • Writing for Ana-rchy Magazine. If you were not already aware, I am the Senior Beauty Writer at Ana-rchy Magazine. This position was a real right place, and right people, at the right time do! I am so privileged to have this role and take my work there very seriously
  • My cookery skills, knowledge, and overall obsession has continued to grow, and now I have a library card (GET ONE) I am able to broaden my knowledge further
  • I have celebrated my birthday was my fantastic friends- term 2 really secures who your going to be closest to, as you begin searching for houses/apartments for September
  • No matter how hard you try, you simply will not change the bad habits of others. Several of my flat mates never wash up, take the rubbish out, hoover, or in any way contribute to the running of the apartment. In the end, you may as well stop wasting your time and energy, and just continue keeping your space and your things in order
  • Certain flat mates will also continue to steal your things, despite making it obvious that you don't want them to. Leaving notes does not work
  • If you fall out with a flat mate, just leave it. Unless you consider them a dear friend, there is no point stressing over the issue. You won't be living with them much longer
  • Tube travel will never improve. Weekend closures will forever be irritating. Everything will always be an hour away.
  • Course work can be incredibly tough, but you just have to stay organized, and calm (see my post on dealing with stress). Keep an up to date to do list, diary and manage your time well. It will pay off in the end!
  • Some lecturers will always annoy you!
  • Being seriously skint really does suck. Mistakes in last terms spending will definitely affect your life in term two. It's a learning experience, but that doesn't make living off £10 a week any easier
  • Honestly, the homesickness does go away! I promise. I have only been home once this term and I genuinely do not miss it. Of course I miss my family, but they are always a phone call away
  • Sunshine is on its way! YAY! So get out with your friends, go to parks and really enjoy the freedom at the end of term of knowing you have no work set.
  • Term three, however, is really tough. Establish collaborative work ground rules ASAP, and make tutors aware of any problems in the group. The longer you leave it, the worse the situation can become. 
  • Remember every day why you are doing this. Your degree is one of the most expensive things in your life, and some times it can seem like a waste of time and money. Don't despair, and remember why you are doing it. 
  • Black out blinds, ear plugs and eye masks are a good investment!
  • As are room rugs, and good bedding and towels! Also, candles may be banned, but the fire alarms don't pick them up, so enjoy!
  • Healthy Eating and Exercise are super super important and genuinely improve your living and working life. Exercising doesn't mean going to the gym and paying mad fees- set up your own work out area in your room (see my post on The Beach Body), and healthy food is often cheaper than the processed crap foods!
Well I hope this was helpful for some of you. Let me know if you are going to uni in September, or if you started this year! How are you preparing/living? What are your good and bad points. Love, 


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