Face Mask Fun!

Hello my lovely readers! So it is actually my birthday today, and I'm turning 19- so old. My boyfriend was unable to stay for my actual day, so over this weekend he was essentially a slave, doing all my cooking and cleaning, getting my chai lattes (omg, so obsessed with vanilla chai lattes, thank you to my dear friend Natalya). Part of this slavery was to be my spa therapist, and I therefore got to try three new face masks.
I am often dubious when it comes to using face masks, due to my inclement skin conditions. I have be tortured by 'mud' masks, and a gazillion face masks have shea butter in, which I am allergic to. So when he presented three masks, I had to do a major scan of their labels. All was well, and now I will tell you about them!

From left to right; Blemish Mud Mask, Anti Stress Peel Off Mask, Green Tea Peel Off Mask
Okay, so I have ordered these in the order I used them (one a day). The Blemish Mud Mask is an absolute joy to use. It has the inevitable muddy feeling texture when applied, which isn't always massively comfortable. However, the smell is wonderful. The mask is enriched with aloe vera and willow, and is supposed to be anti-imperfections. I would say it cleared my skin, but I don't think we left them on for long enough so it may not have had the full effect. 8/10
The Anti Stress peel off mask was very interesting! I have never used a peel off before, and the texture really bewildered me. Although the gel like mask was easy to apply, as it dried it definitely felt very drying. However, my skin was very even in colour and felt smooth when I had the enjoyable task of removing the mask. 6/10
And finally, the Green Tea peel off mask. This was my least favourite, but it wasn't horrendous. The mask is enriched with green tea and ginger, and personally the ginger smell was too much. It reminded me of a ginger and lemon tea my aunt drinks! It took nearly 20 minutes to dry, and was very uncomfortable to remove. 5/10
All of these are 99p from many outlets- Boots, Tesco, Superdrug, Sainsburies...., so they are very affordable.  The brand is Montagne Jeunesse, which I have never heard of, but these masks have been around for years, which is a comforting though. Have you guys used any face masks recently? What are your favourites, and do you have any reccomendations? Love, 


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