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Hello everyone. I have been so super busy celebrating my birthday since last Wednesday- different guests at different times- that I haven't actually sat down and blogged in over a week! That is so bad, and I feel terribly guilty but I have some super exciting news to share with you today.
If you are new to Fashion Foreword, then you wont be aware that I am a massive foodie. I love fashion and definitely value it in my life, but slowly and surely my love for food and the culinary industry appears to be taking over. It is actually a massive worry for me that I am turning my back on something that I have loved and prioritized since I was really young, and something that it supposed to be fueling my future career, for food. But either way, I cannot deny that I am developing a genuine obsession for all things baking, steaming, frying and steaming!
In honour of this realisation, I have started up a new blog, which is still connected to this one. I have been posting recipes on here for a while now and I feel my love for this world deserves it's own space so here it is:

I would really love it if you guys would check it out, follow, comment and pass the message on! If food isn't something that interests you then do not worry, I will still be posting on this blog as frequently as I do now, but you will be seeing more of me on my food blog. To the future, with love...


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