Dior Resort

Shanghai gets a taste of Parisian high fashion with the Dior resort collection. On Dior's third visit to China since 2002, Galliano decided to give these new age fashionistas a taste of Paris, rather than applying his collection to the Chinese surroundings. Galliano infact said;
 "I didn't really want to do 'China' at all. Not only because I have done that, but because I didn't think it was appropriate," the designer said. "I just thought it would be really fierce, really cool, to present le savoir faire fran├žais."
Originality, remembrance of a better time, and reminders of 60's culture littered the collection. Galliano has brought the Chinese city of Shanghai back in time to 60's Paris, where the women were powerful and enjoying the sexual revolution which ran through the veins of that time. Nautical stripes- the object of French fashion- appeared regularly, and reminded viewers of the roots of Dior fashion. Massive ball gowns also gave the collection a sprinkling of couture dressing, just to add to this eclectic salad of choices. Viewers were forced to choose an alliance with androgynous dressing, or girly girl costume. On the front row was Lady Dior
Marion Coultiard and Charlize Theron, model for the Dior J'adore perfume campaign. Here is my best picks from the collection;


Ball Gowns

Dressing up Box

Girlie Girl

Ruffles and Layering

Nautical Stripes

And of course to finish every Dior show..
Monsieur Galliano

Although this collection is less wearable and relaxed than the recent Chanel Resort collection, Galliano has created a collection which is highly reflective of Dior as a brand- dressing up, experimenting and having fun with fashion. It is there for a fantastic couture and fantasy collection, and would definitely set you off on an amazing cruise. All images from style.com



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