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I've been getting alot of emails, texts and questions about health, fitness and dieting recently, and so I feel it is appropriate to make a blog post about it. 90% if not all women are interested, to varying degrees, about their weight, looks and fitness. This isn't always a bad thing- being fit and healthy has a real impact on your likelihood to develop illnesses like CHD, diabetes, cancer and other ailments. However, sometimes this interest can become dangerous and can in-fact control people's lives. You are more likely to develop psychological illnesses such as stress and depression, and physical problems like malnutrition. 

In the past year and a half I have lost over 3 1/2 stone, and dropped 2 dress sizes, and it is stories like this that people can sometimes long for. However, for me it was alot of hard work and focus. Everyone has off days, but you need to just get back on track and take care of yourself. So, here is my fitness and diet regime which I have been asked about alot recently. 

Okay, so here is me ready for my exercise session at the weekend. I know I don't look very fash but its about comfort and breathability. 

Monday-Friday I bike between 6-8 miles every day. This is only because of getting to school, but I think it really makes a difference to your fitness levels. You don't need to speed bike, or go super slow, just at a pace that you feel comfortable with. I don't wear trainers or only flat shoes, so I can't recommend particular shoes to wear. However, don't wear a big coat or jumper unless it is bloody freezing. You need space to move and you don't want to be over heating!
My bike! It's not meant for racing or anything, it's massive, super comfy and a big heavy! But I love it.

Saturday and Sunday
At the weekend there is more time to make more of your exercise routine, and often more time to explore new techniques. I run for between 1/2 an hour to an hour around my village, ranging from road, paths and grass areas. When I get home I do 15 minutes of sit ups and press ups, to further work on your tummy muscles. Don't forget, when you do major exercising like this you need to cool down and relax your muscles. With that in mind I usually do half an hours yoga or stretching, which is super relaxing. 

For breakfast I will usually have a Muiller Light in a chocolate sprinkle flavour, or a toffee or vanilla one. I usually have this with an Innocent Smoothie, and slices of melon. At the weekend I will sometimes have a boiled egg and a granary bread slice.

Okay, so during the week because of school I usually have to rush my lunch. I so, on Wednesday and Friday's I opt for a Boots Meal Deal. I got for a low calorie sandwich like Tuna and Cucumber, or a Philadelphia and Oak Smoked Ham, but occasionally treat myself to a Hoisin Duck wrap, which is quite high in fat but only once every few weeks is OKAY! I drink water, Diet Coke or Ribena Really Light, and my snack is a 98 calorie crunch bar.  When I am at home for lunch on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday I will have soup and granary bread. Usually I have French Onion soup by Baxters, or Leek and Potato by Heinz.

With dinner I will generally have meat or fish for my protein, with pasta, rice or potatoes for my carbs with lots of salad or vegetables. If I am feeling hungry for 'naughty food' I usually have Weight Watchers versions. For example if my mum and sister have pizza, I will have a 208 calorie WW ham and pineapple pizza with WW chips. Or when we have lasagna I will have a smaller portion with a tonne of salad. See I keep saying salad, but I actually hate peppers, tomatoes and lettuce. YUCK YUCK YUCK! I have spinach leaves, carrots and cucumber as a general, and sometimes raw mushrooms.  

I hope this has been of some help. Above all of this, remember, every woman is different and we are meant to be different!! Don't be upset or sad about what you don't have- learn to love what you do have! Some women are built with curves, others aren't. Some women are meant to be fuller figured, some aren't. Your body is who you are and you should love it regardless.



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