Introducing Emily Senko

A new model on the scene guys. Part of the Paul Rowland's FORD division, 179 cm tall.

Despite the fact that I am pleased to see a model under 6 foot, but, and this is a big but, I don't like her. I seem to be so pessimistic at the moment, but seriously- not a fan.  I appreciate that models need to be slim so that "the clothes sit properly", but I also argue that women need realistic models to look up to. Not just women my age, but even younger girls are being massively affected. It breaks my heart hearing girls as young as EIGHT who are unhappy about their size, or feature and I have even heard of them considering surgery. At the age of eight, children should be free from being judged and judging themselves!
Even that, which is horrible, doesn't amount to the levels of pressure put on women of my age and older. I know women who are naturally a size 6, and others who are naturally a size 16. No matter their size, seeing models like Emily will affect a woman's judgement of herself, her size, her image and how she looks to others. 

I know that size 12 models don't look good on the catwalk, but in my opinion neither does size 0 girls. How can they be healthy! And no-one can say that Emily's size is natural because she is evidently under nutritioned. You can see it in her sullen face and darker eye area. It's just disappointing that yet another model has been thrown out super thin and unrealistic. 



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