First Publish!

Good news guys!! I've had my first jounalisticy work published! Yaayyy! I wrote it back in October and it's just been released. It's only a small piece (I wrote much much more!) but it's a start!

I am so proud to have my work published and would like to thank everyone on the VYM team for all their help!

Today's Look 21/5/2010
I went out for breakfast AND lunch today! The sun was shining and it was beautiful, so staying indoors was out of the question. I bought myself a respectable tube dress, £10 from New Look, as I had worn jeans to school and it was TOO HOT.

Dress from New Look 
Necklace from New Look
Pumps from Topshop
Silver and Diamond necklace from Tiffany's

I know the dress makes me look either pregnant or a little fat but I'm not either so whatever. It kept me cool!



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