i know i should be ashamed but...

Today was my first EVER viewing of Sex and the City. OH MY GOD- Why haven't I watched it before I hear you cry. Well being tight with money I never thought to buy it. But my amazing friend Megan decided enough was enough and took us out of school to watch it. We will be going to see SATC2 (see, I'm already abbreviating) as soon as it comes out as I am totally hooked.

Although the story focusses around Carrie, for me Samantha was the real stand out character. With her steamy sex scenes, varying weights and amazing lines such as "You cracked a little joke honey, good for you", I just think she is an amazing character! However, her style sometimes leaves a bit to be desired, but Charlotte and Miranda are so beautiful with their sweet dresses, and demure styling. Here are some of my favourite outfits from the first movie;

I adore this blue dress.

I adore the ankle boots with knee high socks and the colours all work so well together.

I adore the coat- anyone know who its by?

This white dress is perfect in the city with heels, or on the beach with flats

Miranda looking super cool in gold. It works so well with her hair colour.

I love this blue dress, the sheer material gives an extra edge.

One of the few outfits I love on Samantha

A pregnant Charlotte looking super cute in polka dot shift dress, contrasting with the baby pink coat. 

I vow never to be so ineducated on such amazing matters as this New York quatrooo!



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