Vintage Moss for Topshop

Today Topshop launches it's new collection by Kate Moss. Although recent collections have been more popular in the States than in the UK, Moss has explored a more vintage style which should appeal more to us brits. This summer collection features alot of sheer materials, lighter styling and vintage details. Here are my best picks;

Anyone else reminded of Dior Cruise wear? I like the fabric and summery, gentle colouring however, I am not a fan of drop waists as I have wide hips and I feel that make me feel fatter.

Chanel style monochroming, shift dress shaping- totally 1920's/ I love this. With clear or black tights this dress would remain elegant. I would keep the monochrome theme and team this with black or white heels (probably avoiding platforms) and delicate silver jewelry.

I love this playsuit. It rocks the 'underwear as outerwear' trend, as the playsuit looks more like a lace slip that would be worn to bed in the 40's and 50's. I love the cute details around the neck area, and the backless bit would let you stay cool in the summer.

This is only a small amount of the collection, but the rest consists of alot of basics which are over priced because they have Kate Moss' name on it. I'm not being pessimistic, just honest. Anyway, I do like the collection for it's vintage style, but alot of things require a cracking pair of legs, or you need to wear the maxi and have a smaller top frame. I suppose this is all expected from a collection designed by a model. A great collection Kate, but try more adventurous ideas!



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