Today's Look 13/5/2010

It was warm today!! So me and mummy went into the garden and watered the plants. They are really getting tall- fresh cucumber here I come! Anyways, so I rocked the ice cream colours trend again today. I wore my new tee from New Look with the white lace detail, with some bluey-green mini shorts, grey cardi and white quilted shoes. Chic yet still young. My obsession with mini shorts is really great and makes me feel like all my dieting and effort at the gym has really paid off! Stark stark contrast to my friend Emma over at http://chainlinkfashion.blogspot.com/ who has become obsessed with maxi dresses- to be fair they totally suit her size 6 frame... Anyways, me gardening.

Apologies for many of these being images of my back, my poor mother is not the greatest of photographers. Moving onto news- As Canne Film Festival gets into full swing, then dresses are coming out and the men are turning into umbrella holders. What luck that in one of the hottest places in France, during the biggest event in its whole calender the heavens decide to open. Anyways, here is Cate Blanchet is Alexander McQueen-

Doesn't she just look amazing. McQueen's death was such a massive loss, and this dress on this woman just emulates that. McQueen had a knack of mixing eclectic style and patterning with true beauty and elegance. Devine! However, I beg to disagree with Cate's pink suit on the 12th of May, accopainied by co-star Russell Crowe-

I mean the shoes are cute, but the lines and colour of the suit overdo the ice cream trend. Sorry honey. And Russell for me just looks like an out of place family man. A true shame. He remains, however, to be the perfect gentleman- turning into umbrella holder for his wife 

Danielle Spencer.

As with the awful colour of Cate's suit, I truely dislike the pinky ice cream colour of Danielle's dress, and Russell seriously needs to find a new tailor. Skinny leg trousers would look alot better than these awfully fitted pieces of cloth.

Despite this array of beautiful dresses, heinous suits (both on men and women) for me none of this beats Angelina Jolie's ensemble last year-
and not even this beats her yellow ensemble. She truely is an impressive woman, but for god's sake- please make Brad loose to AWFUL beard!!

Anyways, I am off to be a twi-heart and watch New Moon for the millionth time as we have no TV. Something about an aerial burning down. Don't ask.



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