Today's Look 14/5/2010

It was a little colder than expected, but the sun was shining until about 11am, then looking flippin miserable as if it was going to rain. My feet did get a little chilly in my gladiator sandals, but as I spent most of the day indoors (lazy cow) this wasn't much of an issue. I have also posted about my new hair style that I have discovered. I hate hate having my hair on my face, but a full back Essex face lift makes me look like a stupid little dog, and so I have discovered a new way to have volume but still have it off my face. Thanks mummy for getting the photos for me- in my living room guys, excuse the mess, we are redecorating. 

Cardigan- Vintage
Dress by French Zara (Paris)
Leggings from Topshop
Shoes from New Look
Silver and Diamond Necklace by Tiffany's

And the hair look I promised.

From above and my current hair colour. Strawberry blonde.

I sadly have short hair, which I really dislike especially as long hair is BOT (Alexander Wang braid ect). Still, I feel this makes it look longer, and the flower hair corsage is just so so cute!

I have a party tommorow evening and so there probably wont be another post until Sunday. I will put photos up of what I wear and guests.



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