K-Stew for Elle

I am already a massive fan of Kristen Stewart- not simply because she is the on and off screen partner in crime to Robert Pattinson, but because her style is incredibly induvidual. Usually up and coming young Hollywood actresses follow a similar pattern; do a big movie and then deck of in every designer under the sun. Kristen is totalyl different. Although she is an occasional fan of Chanel (which she wore to the Met Benefit back in April), Kristen is much happier in a basic sweater and skinny jeans. Just proves that all the money in the world can't change who you are inside (hopefully!) Anyways, so when I got my Elle in the post two days ago I was in heaven as who was adorning the cover? None other than K-Stew. This is her first major piece for the UK publishing industry, and I must say Elle did a very good job with her. The photos and outfits were classic, yet young and fresh, and Kristen's deep personality shone through. 
Video courtesy of ElleUK.com,



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