Gladiator Sandals Review

Hey Guys! Sorry I haven't blogged for a few days, I've been super busy with revision but hey ho. This blog post is going to be a review of gladiator sandals from www.mysolemates.co.uk, and I will write another separate post about my own glads.

1) Flat Brown Gladiator Sandals £14.95

I love these! Thee sandals are very similar to a pair I currently own, however they are brown. Having three straps with buckles means that the shoe will be really comfortable as you can loosen the straps off if they are too tight, and the golden buckles add extra details. I really like the combination of square, circular and punched through studding across the entire shoe. The small heels will also help you to walk, and means these shoes are good for your feet. 

2) Flat Gold Leather Gladiator Sandals £24.99

Again another BOT (bang on trend) shoe. These shoes use a velcro strap instead of buckles, which for me means that you can't really loosen them off it they are too hot. Despite that, I really love the gold colour and thin straps of this shoe. They encase the foot and look really glamourous in the bright gold colour. Also, the small heel will keep your feet healthy.

3) Flat Black Gladaitor Sandals With Laces£18.99

I L-O-V-E these shoes. The threads on them are so so cool, and play on the military trend from winter. Although in winter we kept our feet warm with Dr Martens army boots, in the summer we will be wearing these style gladiator sandals. I love the colour, the studding and the threads throughout the shoe. I also love the bootie style shape to the shoe, but also love the peep toe. Get your pedicures on girls!

And finally....

4) Flat Ankle Cuff Sandals £24.99

These shoes have got to be my favourite so far. I love the cuff and these are BOT again. The combination of boots and gladiator sandals is really kooky and fashionable. I love the straps criss-crossing the foot and around the ankle cuff. I love the studding and plaiting on the shoe too as this adds a harder edge to the shoe. The fabric is really soft and a canvas style. This should keep your feet comfortable, and should avoid them getting overly hot and sticky as with plastic materials.

That's all my lovely readers. Make sure you check out www.mysolemate.co.uk  to grab some of these amazing gladiator sandals before they all go!!



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